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Welcome to my Hacktober blog!

I created this in a day for Hacktober Fest to keep a track of and blog about all the projects I work on in this month.

Most of my work is done during the dying hours of the day due to a hectic schedule of a work day. Forgive the post midnight commits in my github because of it. I consider the day to be over when I have slept.

Take a look at the daily log below or skip to a particular date by clicking on a date below

Match Making and Ranking System for Games

Today wasn't as productive as yesterday, but I did finish the MMR System. I will finish the Front End Masters React course tomorrow. Extremely busy day!

Matchmaking Funtion

Takes in an array of player ID's, fetches their mmr from the System and divides the team to be at the closest average mmr per team possible.

End of Game Funtion

On a registered end of game, modifies the players rankings in database depending on the difference of average and individual MMR.

Leaderboard Function

Takes in a pool of players, sorts them by individual MMR and returns the list.


  • Accounting App
  • Front End Masters Course
  • Blog about Day 3

Hello World! Welcome to my Hacktober Blog.

For the first day of Hacktober, I figured it was appropriate to create a place where I can log it. So I created this simple clean blog design with HTML and CSS, which I can manually update daily with the progress. There is a lot of room for improvement as well, something for me to work on as I progress through the month.

Header 1

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  • TYIO
  • PASD
  • FGHJ
  • TYIO
  • PASD
  • FGHJ
  • TYIO
  1. TYIO
  2. PASD
  3. FGHJ
  4. TYIO
  5. PASD

Also done today:

  • Front End Masters Course: 2 Hrs


  • Match Making and Ranking System
  • Front End Masters Course
  • Blog about Day 2